Malabar Hills Apartment
January 10, 2017
Kapoor Apartment
January 10, 2017

Juhu Apartment

Like a lot other projects, this one, too, was sparked by the need to accommodate the growing requirements of a multi-generational family.

We started by typically wiping the slate clean. Nothing of the original plan was retained, barring the location of the living room. Otherwise, all walls were completely reworked. Windows, too, were resized and relocated wherever possible.

The spatial reconfiguration were taken into account, the amount of light and air it provided. Vaastu had its say in certain factors such as the orientation of the beds and the mandir .

The pastel colour palette used for the kid's room with a light pinewood adds a fresh feel. Chalkboard is used for one of the shutters of the wardrobe to create an interactive wall for the kids.

The master bedroom has a contemporary feel, a raw wood ledge that acts as a shelf, the concrete finish tiles used for cladding the walls of the bathroom and the oak veneer on the wardrobes.

The generously proportioned kitchen is equipped with enough store and utility rooms to ensure that the day-to-day functions run smoothly.

The living room has long wooden rafters which acts as a backdrop to the sofa, providing privacy to the master bedroom.

The guest room has herringbone pattern wallpaper in a neutral colour used as bed backdrop along with accents of turquoise for the headboard and walnut veneer for the wardrobes.

Attention to detail is what we believe will give a truly custom made feel.

For instance, when it comes to tiles we believe in scouring the markets to create a curated mix rather than expecting a client to select everything from under one roof..


May 13, 2014