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This cosy Mumbai home in Juhu went into remodelling to accommodate the growing needs of a multi-generational family. The original flat was found in shambles and needed a overhaul, says interior designer Mansi Pandey, “When we first visited the site, we found that the ceiling and walls had given way. It was dimly lit and so we started by typically wiping the slate clean. Nothing of the original plan was retained, barring the location of the living. The entire internal structure was treated to give it more strength. All the walls were completely reworked. Windows, too, were resized and relocated wherever possible. The brief from the owners was very simple and clear - we need to accommodate the growing requirements of a family. So we went about planning the space accordingly. It took us eight months to complete this project.” PLANNING A CHILD’S ROOM Mansi Pandey started her design firm, The Design House, in 2012. She loves to experiment with new techniques while being mindful and keeping the overall look of the space understated. Originally an interior designer from Mumbai, Mansi graduated from Rachana Sansad Institute Of Interior Design and has been working on many projects, mainly in the residential space. She was asked to design this project to accommodate a kids room which required special planning. “The pastel colour palette used for the children’s room set the right mood for the space. We paired this with light pinewood floors which creates an fun and functional space. We also used chalkboard as one of the shutters of the wardrobe to create an interactive wall for the children,” she explained. Mansi wanted the room to be cheerful, fun and bright, “just like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.” Planning a child’s room requires some thought; the space has to ignite the mind of the child with imagination and thought. The ideal room for a child should facilitate growth and be a reflection of their likes. Every child needs a desk in their bedroom to do homework. Don’t let the study area of their room be an afterthought. Make it exciting for your child to sit down and do their schoolwork. In this Mumbai home, the white desk and chair makes for a vibrant and lively study environment. It is also a timeless piece of furniture which they can use as they grow older. WARM UNDERTONES When asked about some of the challenges faced while planning this space she says, “There were several challenges Don’t let the study area of their room be an afterthought. Make it exciting for your child to sit down and do their schoolwork.



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